What’s Happening in May

May 1 Statewide Day of Action is TOMORROW!

Haven’t signed up for an activity yet but want to be a part of the movement? No worries! Here’s what you can do last-minute to engage in the RESISTANCE to the dismantling of public education and to stand up for students and the idea that free public education is a basic civil right:

  • Wear Red for Ed on Monday morning! A sea of red t-shirts, hats, pants, vests and the like will send a strong message of unity.
  • Access CTA’s Social Justice Toolkit and print out posters and other collateral materials to bring to class tomorrow.
  • Sign the pledge to help create safe spaces for EVERY student, and encourage your colleagues to do the same.
  • Get pumped up by listening to CTA’s new radio ad.
  • Take your cell phone to school and snap photos and videos. Share your thumbs-up activities for the cause and post them on our Day of Action Facebook group, tagging your photos @WeAreCTA and using the hashtag #CTADayOfAction.

Let’s be trend-setters and “break the Internet” on May 1 in support of the public education ALL kids deserve!

California teachers really are ‘Advocates for the Public Education ALL Students Deserve’

One of our biggest and most celebrated days of the year is fast approaching; it’s the day when we honor with vigor, enthusiasm and awe, the professionals who touch students’ lives every day. May 10 is California Day of the Teacher, and with the theme “California Teachers: Advocates for the Public Education ALL Students Deserve,” we can embrace what lies ahead as we mold an even more meaningful and vibrant educational atmosphere for today’s public school students. And, who could possibly be better suited to take on this noble and lofty task? Download this poster and display it proudly. You can also use this sample press release, tailor this proclamation to suit your needs, and engage on a variety of social networks with these resources. Take a bow, teachers, you deserve it.

All we do as public school educators in this great state is based on and focused around our Student-Centered Advocacy Agenda. Check out the English version of this critical document and view the Advocacy Agenda in 10 additional languages, including Spanish, traditional Chinese, and several more. Happy Day of the Teacher one and all!

Coming Soon – ESP DAY May 23 & ESP WEEK May 21-27

How about a round of applause and a big THANK YOU to our esteemed Education Support Professional colleagues! ESPs – paraprofessionals, office workers, bus drivers, custodians and maintenance staff – are the backbone of our K-12 public school system. CTA ESP Day, which is marked on the Tuesday of the third full week in May, is a time to recognize the work of our ESP brothers and sisters who work on the front lines of education. ESP Day falls in the middle of ESP week: May 21-27. Check out these Idea Starters to help the celebration along. Also you can print out this poster and spread the word to the press with this sample news release. And during ESP Week, we honor Teri Roots, the recently-crowned CTA Paula J. Monroe ESP of the Year for 2017!

May 22: Harvey Milk Day – a day to celebrate an ardent activist

Harvey Milk was the first openly gay person to be elected to public office in a major city. He worked tirelessly for gay rights and civil rights until he was assassinated by fellow San Francisco supervisor Dan White. Though this civil rights leader, who fought to end discrimination for LGBTQ people, was gunned down in his office in San Francisco’s City Hall in 1978, his legacy is still felt today. Named one of TIMEMagazine’s most influential people of the 20th century, Milk was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009.

This is Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month

As we welcome the month of May, we honor and celebrate Asian/Pacific Islanders and reflect on their contributions. Check CTA.org for lesson plans and classroom resources for students of all ages. The theme of this year’s Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month is Unite Our Voices By Speaking Together. Incorporate these resources into your plans and activities for May – and be sure to check out our other Awareness Holidays.


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