Day of the Teacher

The California Day of the Teacher is May 10. As educators, we have the power to make a difference in the lives of all California’s students. This year’s theme, “California Teachers: Advocates for the Public Education All Students Deserve,” is based on CTA’s Advocacy Agenda.

CTA will be sending a statewide news media advisory to promote events and celebrations on Day of the Teacher. Help us promote what is happening in your local by clicking here.

Our Message

“As educators, we are deeply committed to the success of every student. Students are the center of everything we do, which is why we advocate for the opportunities and resources all students need to succeed.”

Day of the Teacher Artwork

CTA’s 2017 Statewide Day of the Teacher sample news release, a proclamation for your school board, posters, social media banners, cover photos for Facebook and Twitter and more are available for downloading at These resources are available through the links below:

Direct Links:

Spread the Word & Honor Our Colleagues

How are you celebrating #DayOfTheTeacher? We want to hear from you! Tag us in your social media posts by using #DayOfTheTeacher. Not on social media but still celebrating? E-mail photos and info to or fill out this form.

To participate in the California Day of the Teacher, consider these suggestions:

  • Give each teacher a small gift from the Association.
  • Tell your story about why you teach on social media or as a letter to the editor. Invite your members to do the same.
  • Use our Day of the Teacher cover image on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.
  • Coordinate with your local community college/higher education chapters and host a social to honor and thank teachers and faculty from Pre-K through higher education.
  • Work with your school district to hold a reception or event to honor teachers.
  • Wear a button/post a flyer proclaiming pride in your work and your membership in your local chapter.
  • Run congratulatory messages on your social media page. Highlight members for their great work.
  • Ask businesses to hang in their windows the California Day of the Teacher poster or “This business supports local teachers”
  • Sponsor a “Teacher to Remember” student essay contest.
  • Put a note in your church bulletin to thank teachers for all they do for local students.
  • Invite a local news reporter to do a profile on teachers or to spend the day as a guest teacher or classroom observer.
  • Take selfies of you and your favorite teacher or mentor and post to social media using the #DayOfTheTeacher hashtag.

Using Social Media On #DayOfTheTeacher

CTA will use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to provide information and awareness about #DayOfTheTeacher. We encourage our members, parents and school districts to use their own social media platforms and local chapter pages to celebrate teaching online by using the hashtag #DayOfTheTeacher. The goal is to generate engagement leading up to May 10 and afterward.

Connect with CTA on Social Media:


  • If you haven’t already, visit and “Follow” us.
  • Retweet and like our tweets. Every time a person retweets a tweet, the tweet gets pushed out to more people, and it expands our reach.


  • If you haven’t already, visit and “Like” our page.
  • “Like,” share, and comment on our posts. Every time a person “likes,” shares or comments on a Facebook post, the post gets pushed out to more people, and it expands our reach.


  • If you haven’t already, download the Instagram app for your phone.
  • Find @WeAreCTA and “Follow” us.
  • View our photos and “like” and comment on them

Sample Facebook posts

  • Today is California #DayOfTheTeacher! Thank you for teaching ALL California students
  • CTA honors teachers on this day and every day. Who is your favorite teacher, and why?
  • Encourage, cajole, innovate, and challenge. Teachers impart not just knowledge but a love of learning. Take time to thank a teacher! #DayOfTheTeacher
  • Students are at the center of everything we do. #DayOfTheTeacher
  • California Day of the Teacher is May 10. Please share – why do you teach?
  • California Teachers: Advocates for the public education for all students deserve.
  • 2017’s #DayOfTheTeacher is May 10. Which teacher was a mentor to you?
  • Students! How have teachers impacted your life? #DayOfTheTeacher

Sample Tweets

  • The best #teachers understand their students’ strengths and weaknesses, and adapt their practices to both. #DayOfTheTeacher
  • Real #education improvement comes from talented California educators and the diverse approaches we offer our students. #DayOfTheTeacher
  • 2017 #DayOfTheTeacher theme is “California Teachers: Advocates for the public education all students deserve
  • Great educators keep students at the center of everything they do. We’re lucky to have our California educators! #DayOfTheTeacher
  • Who was the teacher who had the greatest impact on you? Use #DayOfTheTeacher to send us your photos or stories!
  • Students! How have teachers impacted your life? #DayOfTheTeacher
  • The best teachers stay with us forever. That’s why we honor them. #DayOfTheTeacher
  • We’re getting excited for #DayOfTheTeacher! What teacher(s) inspired you most in your life? #ReplyTweet

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