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Local Standing Rules


The Mount Pleasant Teachers Association, MPEA, is made up of approximately 160 united members. We are devoted to ensuring the best possible achievement for the students of the Mount Pleasant School District. As an organization it is our aim to support, guide, and fight for the rights of our teachers. MPEA exists to serve as the exclusive bargaining agent for its members, to protect and promote their legal rights and privileges, and to educate and empower members to exercise those rights and responsibilities in the delivery of free, quality public education to the students they serve.

MPEA Believes:

  •      That free, quality public education is a right for all children.
  •      That there is an essential connection between our members and students, and therefore, a quality working environment for members equals a quality learning environment for students.
  •     MPEA members are tough advocates for students, and work diligently on behalf of students.
  •     MPEA members deserve to be respected and treated as the professionals they are.

MPEA works to ensure that all members are treated with respect and dignity in the workplace, receive professional and competitive compensation, and are guaranteed safe, healthy and appropriate working conditions. MPEA advocates that students, classrooms, and teachers are the district’s highest priority.

MPEA’s Primary Purposes:

  1.    Protect our members
  2.    Promote teachers’ professional and legal rights
  3.    Organize its membership for influence & power
  4.    New leadership recruitment & training
  5.    Inform members of benefits