Member’s Benefits

CTA Travel, Entertainment and Purchasing Discounts

Are you ready for  vacation? If so, you should be aware that your CTA membership provides travel services and entertainment discounts through TSA Special Member Services that can be of assistance. For travel offerings, visit TSA Travel at or call (800) 570-7877. For discount entertainment tickets to exciting California attractions such as Disneyland, San Diego Zoo, and California’s Great America, visit TSA Special Member Services at Order your tickets by calling TSA on (800) 537-8491.

CTA Voluntary Life Insurance Plan

Have you considered the consequences for your family if they were to lose you tomorrow?  Could they cope with the loss of your income?  The CTA Voluntary Life Insurance Plan with The Standard offers educators and education support professionals an opportunity to supplement your existing life insurance or start a new plan.

Newly hired CTA members have a one-time opportunity to enroll in CTA-endorsed life insurance (up to $200,000) during your first 120 days of new employment without showing proof of good health.  There are several other opportunities throughout the year to add or increase coverage without proof of good health, including but not limited to, chapter campaigns, members transferring to a new district, members transferring from another carrier, and those members with a qualifying family status change.  Also, active members can apply for coverage at any time with satisfactory poof of good health.  To learn more about enrollment opportunities, visit the Member Benefit pages on MyCTA at or call The Standard’s dedicated CTA Customer Service Department at (800) 522-0406.

NEA Click & Save

The newest discount program for NEA members and their families! This exclusive shopping service offers savings on brand name merchandise from hundreds of top retailers, online stores and local merchants.

How NEA Click & Save Works
It’s so easy—just sign up and start shopping! Plus, you can request email reminders from your favorite merchants about upcoming sales and discounts. Why not invite your other family members to join in the fun (and financial benefits)? Enjoy shopping convenience and savings now!

Scholarships and Grants

CTA offers several different educational scholarships to members and their dependents throughout the academic year. Listed below are the major CTA scholarships

* CTA Scholarship for Members

* CTA Scholarship for Dependent Children

* Del A. Weber Scholarship for Dependent Children Attending Continuation High School/Alternative Education Programs

* L. Gordon Bittle Memorial Scholarship for Student CTA

* CTA César E. Chávez Memorial Education Awards Program

* Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Scholarship

* GLBT Safety in Schools Grant and Scholarship Program

* NEA Grants & Awards

For more information visit

Barnes & Noble Bookstore

Barnes & offers NEA/CTA members a 5% off purchases of books, college textbooks, music, DVDs, and prints and posters in addition to any other discounts being offered! This offer is available exclusively online ONLY through the NEA Bookstore.

For more information, contact:

Barnes & Noble Bookstore
(800) 373-2468


Educators Value Travel

The Educators Value Travel is a private travel club which offers educators the opportunity to stay with over 6,000 B&B members in over 52 countries. Stay for only $36 a night for two people or $30 for one person. Through the network, members are given the opportunity to meet and share experiences with other educators and, by staying with a host who knows the area, can avoid “tourist traps” and enjoy local activities that might not be mentioned in the guide books. The regular membership fee is $36 a year, but TSA affiliated members pay $36 for their first 18 months and receive 50% off the first night’s stay. For information on how to join, contact Educators Value Travel and identify yourself as a TSA affiliated member.

Educators Value Travel
P.O. Box 5279, Eugene, OR 97405
(800) 377-3480 & Fax: (541) 686-5818


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